Premiere SPARROW 888 PLUS is  Bio-degradable Agricultural and Horticultural Spray. It is highly refined and Specially formulated ideal solution for pest control with no hazard to human, animals,  plants & environment.

It controls a wide variety of pests in various stages of their life-cycle on variety of crops.

SPARROW 888 PLUS Features:

Non-residual  – SPARROW 888 PLUS is Safe as it leaves no toxic residues on food products. It does not enter in the food chain.

Bio-degradable – It is Bio-degradable when sprayed, as it gets broken down by micro-organism as well as light & air.

Economical – Single product for all season use with fewer spraying cycles ensures maximum safety to the crop from variety of pests and also protects plants for several days, thus avoids repetitive spraying. This drastically reduces spraying cost for the farmers.

Multi-purpose – It can be used in all seasons with due precautions. It protects crops from wide variety of plant sucking pests, fungus & aphid transmitted viral diseases.

Safe – It is safe to the plants when used with all necessary precautions & instructions.

For preventing Plant Sucking Pests – Precious crops are attacked by scores of insect and pests throughout the season leading to extensive monetary losses. SPARROW 888 PLUS controls sucking pests without posing a threat to the environment. It clogs the respiratory system, interferes with the normal exchange of oxygen & thus controls sucking pests effectively. It also creates a film acting as a physical barrier between the plant & pests which fails the feeding & egg laying tendency of the pests.
For Fungus Control – Fungal diseases can reduce the quality & yield of many crops. SPARROW 888 PLUS acts as an eradicant as well as protectant against certain fungus. It controls by :
Host plant protection – It acts as a physical barrier between the pathogen (eg. Fungal spores) and the plant thus prevents fungal growth.
Eradication of fungi – By targeting & destroying fungi’s cell walls.
Pest control by SPARROW 888 PLUS falls into two basic categories:
By Suffocation (hypoxia) –
It blocks the air holes (spiracles) and the lining of the breathing tubes (tracheae) through which insects and mites breathe & kills them after contact.
The components of the oil act with direct toxicity on insects.
By Behaviour modification –
It creates a film which acts as a physical barrier between the plant and pests which prevents feeding and pest or insect egg laying.
It interferes with egg development and reducing the insect or mite population after hatching. In the first instance, it prevents normal oxygen exchange through the egg covering and hardening of the outer membrane which prevents hatching. Another by dissolving the outer covering and by penetrating into the egg itself, thereby causing coagulation of the protoplasm.
All the above information is based on extensive research and findings of Agricultural researchers from reputed universities worldwide.
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