Learn more about our Bio-degradable & Eco-friendly product – SPARROW 888 PLUS. Our selection of frequently asked questions covers most common general queries on SPARROW 888 PLUS. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please feel free to contact us.

A. SPARROW 888 PLUS is an Bio-degradable & Eco-friendly; Agricultural and Horticultural Spray for preventing Plant Sucking Pests, Fungus & Viral Diseases. This special formulation represents the most advanced attempt to provide growers with a product capable of controlling multiple unrelated pests simultaneously.
A. SPARROW 888 PLUS is Bio-degradable & Eco-friendly – It leaves no toxic residues on food products. It does not enter into the food chain. It is bio-degradable when sprayed as it gets broken down by light, air and micro-organism.
Versatile – It is a single product used for preventing plant sucking pests, fungus & viral diseases.
Economical – It is only a single product with fewer spraying cycles, which ensures maximum safety to the crop from varieties of pests.
Highly effective – It controls pests by suffocation. No pest can develop resistance as it works at the physical level not at the bio-chemical level.
Safe – It is completely safe to handle without any requirement for protective clothing. And it does not cause a toxic threat to humans or animals.
A. On the principle of suffocation. It works on the basis of physical contact. It controls sucking pests by disrupting cell walls of the organism. In addition, it disrupts feeding by insects such as flea beetles, whiteflies, and aphids.
A. The vast majority of a SPARROW 888 PLUS application is broken down by micro organism, light & air into carbon dioxide + water. Approximately 1% of the oil has potential to evaporate and some of the oil will bleed through the leaf cuticle.
A. SPARROW 888 PLUS is valuable tool in IPDM (Integrated Pest & Disease Management) to control pests. Benefits of using the product include:
Simultaneous control of number of pests and diseases.
Sucking pest control, fungal disease control, virus disease control.
Negligible impact on beneficial insects.
Safe to handle & No toxic potential.
No pest resistance.
A. Absolutely. No pest can develop resistance as it works at the physical level and not at the biochemical thus SPARROW 888 PLUS can be used as a resistance management tool.

In fact we strongly urge growers to use the oil as a first treatment in a powdery mildew control program to eradicate resistant mildew strains before these strains are exposed to chemicals prone to resistance.

A. Beneficial insect behaviors are not affected by SPARROW 888 PLUS applications. As a prime example, on cucurbit crops treated twice per week with oil high rates of parasitism of leaf miner larvae as well as development of all 4 stages of lady beetle and lacewing predators observed. We believe the reason beneficial insect feeding and egg laying behaviors are not affected by it, because these insects have evolved a totally different set of host detection mechanisms. In lieu of plant sensing sensillae, beneficial insects have evolved mandibles, ovipositors, claws and large eyes to detect and catch their prey.

Disruption of an insect behavior can be a powerful tool in the hands of a competent grower. By managing behavior (preventing eggs) early in the first population cycle there is a high likelihood that future generations will be significantly suppressed making it possible for beneficial insects to forage and develop at the same time oil is being applied. Though contact with sufficient oil can suffocate beneficial insects, we have not seen evidence that oil significantly impacts beneficial populations.

A. Based on University and independent research, it is the best eradicant available against grape and cherry powdery mildew diseases.
A. Absolutely. SPARROW 888 PLUS works on the basis of physical contact with an insect pest, disease pathogen or host plant spray target. Thus, growers should choose spray equipment which maximizes spray coverage for the crop/canopy being sprayed. SPARROW 888 PLUS has been successfully applied using air assist, orchard or speed sprayers, hydraulic boom and electrostatic sprayers. DO NOT apply using low volume electrostatic or ULV equipment as these sprayers do not produce “wetting” sprays necessary to enhance performance of protectant chemicals.
A. Because it kills pests on contact, thorough coverage of the plant (both upper and lower side of leaves) is necessary. Spray to the point of runoff.

If Spray Cover is 50% of Area than no more than 50% of pest control is achieved.

A. No, not under normal circumstances. The temperature at the time of application is the critical factor, thus spraying should be limited to cooler night time or day time periods. However, spraying stressed plants with oil (at any temperature) may result in phytotoxicity.
A. Do not spray when the temperature is below 10°C. Do not spray when the leaves are wet. Do not spray when freezing temperatures are anticipated within 48 hours of an oil application.

A. Concentration between 0.3%-0.6% (3 ml to 6 ml in 1 liter of water). Higher the temperature, lower the concentration. Ideally, multiple application at general safe intervals of not less than ten days.
A. No ! It is a specially formulated spray which is colorless, tasteless and odorless. Extensive testing by Universities and independent researchers confirm that it has no effect on flavor, taste or quality.

A. Yes. Water which enters the container has the potential to destroy the oil’s emulsifier causing the oil to turn a milky color. Grower should NEVER use the product if the oil has a milky color while still in the container.
A. Yes, When SPARROW 888 PLUS is added to water in the spray tank the mixture should turn a milky color.

A. SPARROW 888 PLUS is best to use before 3 years of manufacturing date. Always ensure to shake the container properly before use.
A. Store the containers inside where water and direct sunlight can not enter the container. Stir the oil prior to use.