• Add water to the mixing tank.
  • Add the required amount of SPARROW 888 PLUS under agitation when tank is 1/2 full.
  • Top-up rest of the amount of water.
  • Maintain agitation until solution is completely used.
  • Spray Oil Mixing

Spraying :

SPARROW 888 PLUS performance is directly related to the quality of spray coverage. The higher the quality of spray coverage, the higher the performance of the product. This is true regardless of which pest or host plant is targeted. When spray coverage is compromised, so too is the product performance.

Basic Principles in Spraying

Spray Coverage  – Thorough coverage of the Plant (both upper and lower side of leaves). Spray to the point of runoff. Spray maximum parts of the plant. Small droplets gives maximum pest control. (50% Coverage = Not more than 50% results) Hence the quality of spray coverage is important.

Spray Oil Coverage

Spray Concentration and Spray Frequency – Concentration between 0.3%-0.6%* (3 ml to 6 ml in 1 liter of water) & High water volume. Higher the temperature lower the concentration, high volume low concentration. Ideally, multiple application at general safe interval of not less than 10 (ten) days.

Extreme Climatic Conditions – Avoid extreme temperature & Humidity. Do not Spray when the temperature is above 36°C & below 10°C, when soil is dry and trees are suffering from moisture stress. Do not spray plants when the humidity is expected to remain above 90% for 36 to 48 hours. Do not spray when wind exceeds 16 km per hour otherwise poor spray coverage will take place.

Spray Oil Thermometer

Agitation – Maintain constant agitation in the tank. MOST IMPORTANT Make sure that before use of this product the tank & spray equipments thoroughly cleaned, so that no residues of previous spray remains.

Crop Safety - Take the following precautions before spraying:

  • Never spray on heat or moisture stressed plants. Just applying water alone to a sensitive, heat stressed crop can cause phytotoxicity.
  • Do not apply to plants weaken by disease, drought, drying winds or high nitrogen application.
  • Do not apply through any type of irrigation.
  • Do not use with Captan, Morestan, Guthion, Carbaryl, Folpet, Dimethoate, spreader/sticker or any other product containing sulphur.
  • Do not apply micronized sulphur, pesticides or other chemicals within 20 days before or after application of SPARROW 888 PLUS
  • Do not spray  with copper fungicides or any products containing sulphur.
  • No copper sprays should be done during flowering.
  • Do not use Kelthane in a spray program with SPARROW 888 PLUS on ornamentals or strawberries.
  • Do not use Omite with an spray. Do not apply Omite within 30 days of an SPARROW 888 PLUS application.
  • Do not apply SPARROW 888 PLUS on cucurbits, within at least 21 days of Nu-Film-P application.
  • Do not tank mix SPARROW 888 PLUS with Nu-Film-P or Nu-Film-17 (pinolene-based products). Wait at least 10 days between an SPARROW 888 PLUS application and spraying pinolene-based products.
  • Never tank mix SPARROW 888 PLUS with a spreader / sticker or an organosilicone surfactant. Wait at least until the foliage has dried before applying oil after an application using these products.
  • Residue tolerance ? – SPARROW 888 PLUS has no residue tolerance.

* User must determine the precise timing, concentration, pressure of spray, sensitiveness of crop, plant variety to fit local growth and climatic conditions. Test on a small portion before use to determine plant sensitivity. Since the use of this product is beyond our control, we do not assume any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product. Consult local Agriculture Department, Universities before use for safe usage.

* The above information are based on findings of various researchers & scientists during their  research.