Bio-efficacy Studies

We have conducted Bio-efficacy & phytotoxicity studies on various crops viz. Brinjal, Tomato Mites, Mango,Grapes,  Tea, Pomegranate, Apple, Cashed & various pest from reputed Agricultural Universities and Research Labs. All the studies revealed that the product is very effective on all these crops and pest. Even it helped to increase the yield of crops.

Growers spraying Horticultural Spray Oil report little impact on beneficial insect population — both predators and parasites. . Unlike toxic insecticides, Sparrow 888 Plus applications allow pest / beneficial populations to reach an equilibrium condition. The small population of surviving pests are a food source for reproducing beneficial populations. Sparrow 888 Plus does not significantly affect the specialized host sensing mechanisms used by beneficials to locate their prey.  Beneficial insect behaviors are minimally affected by Sparrow 888 Plus application because they use different host sensing mechanisms than plant feeding insects.

Shelf Life Studies
Sparrow 888 Plus is also tested for Shelf Life Studies for 3 years and at different locations and found to be as it is & can  be usable for spray.

Container Compatibility Studies
Sparrow 888 Plus is tested with HDPE bottles for Container Compatibility test and found to be compatible with HDPE Bottles which is the primary packing.

Performed By Crops Insects
MPKV, Rahuri Pomegranate Black spots on leaves & fruit
Rahuri Tomato Red Mites
MPKV, Rahuri Brinjal White-fly
DR.B.S. KKV, Dapoli Mango Hoppers
DR.Y.S.Parmar, Univ.of Hort. SOLAN, HP Apple European Red Mites
MPKV, Rahuri Mango Powdery Mildew & Anthracnose
MPKV, Rahuri Grapes Mealy Bugs
UPASI Tea Research


Tea Red Spider Mites
National laboratory, Pune Residue analysis on Grapes Results: Non-residue
Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat Summer Rice and green gram Rice – Stem Borer, Rice Bugs
Green  gram – Pod Borer
DR.B.S. KKV, Dapoli Cashew Tea Mosaic Bug