We would first like to introduce ourselves as manufacturers of SPARROW 888 PLUS (Agriculture and Horticulture Spray) for plant pest control.

Protecting crops in an ORGANIC WAY is the biggest challenge for farmers.

Today’s grower is faced with the double edged sword. On one side, environmental and health concerns are forcing him to refrain from use of pest control chemicals and on the other side, the pest attack on crops decreases yield manifold in turn reducing his profit drastically.

SPARROW 888 PLUS after a research and field testing is proved to be effective in plant pest control and at the same time it is a non-chemical approach ensuring  no residue on the crops.

Benefits of Use of SPARROW 888 PLUSproduct-1

We have successfully tested our products in various AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITIES. The farmers from all over world are successfully using our product for Organic Agriculture since 2002.

We are looking for Partner, Collaborator, Distributors, Importers, Liaison Agents for fruitful business and to benefit the farmers on worldwide basis.