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Plants, Vegetables, Fruits Protection by Organic & Eco-friendly products
SPARROW 888 PLUS® represents the most advanced attempt yet to provide growers with a product capable of controlling multiple unrelated pests simultaneously.
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Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production.
Eugene, USA     
Welcome to Sparrow Oilz
A New Approach for controlling multiple sucking pests.
Throughout the world the consumer demands a drastic reduction of chemicals! Why? Every day more and more evidence is brought forward which seems to prove that the high concentration of toxins in our bodies is responsible for, not only the enormous increase of allergies of all types, but these toxins seem to deplete our bodies in many respects which then weaken our system, destabalises our metabolism and make us more vulnerable for other diseases. Not much attention seems to be paid to the fact that more than 50% of our new born babies are already born with some form of an allergy; bronchitis, asthma or other disorders which were uncommon 20/30 years ago.

One asks oneself what is causing this weakening and the answer would be : we are what we eat. If everything we eat and drink contains chemicals and residues from fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides we must ask - how can our environment and the health of its population improve ?

The answer:
Less Chemicals & more of nature. Plant Protection by organic & Eco-friendly products.

The Result - All Season Crop Protection

We have succesfully developed SPARROW 888 PLUS which is a Bio-degradable,  Agricultural and Horticultural Spray. It is helpful for Preventing Plant Sucking Pests, Fungus and Viral Diseases. It controls wide variety of pests in various stages of their life-cycle on variety of Crops. A proven, researched and succesfully tested in various agricultural universities.

It has been listed by OMRI, Eugene, USA and Certified by INDOCERT as INPUT APPROVED in ORGANIC AGRICULTURE.

SPARROW 888 PLUS is a valuable tool in IPDM (Integrated Pest & Disease Management) to control pests.

We are looking for Partner, Collaborator, Distributors, Importers, Liason Agents for fruitful business and to benefit the farmers on worldwide basis.

We once again welcome you to browse through the complete details.

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